CM asks leaders, social bodies to back battle against Covid

Chhattisgarh Chief Minister on Wednesday discussed with Cabinet colleagues as well as leaders of various communities and social bodies about the challenges thrown up by a second wave of Covid-19 infection.

Baghel interacted with the community representatives in five Divisional Headquarters via video conference and sought their suggestions.

He requested them to motivate people to go for Covid test and vaccination and to strictly comply with precautionary measures such as wearing masks, maintaining physical distance and washing hands frequently.

Baghel appealed to the community leaders and the representatives of social organizations to cooperate with the government in controlling the Covid crisis.

“Last year we successfully controlled the spread of Covid infection with the active cooperation of all the sections of the society,” he said. “We need the same kind of support and cooperation from everyone again.”

The Chief Minister also appealed for financial, material and voluntary support for increasing the number of oxygen-equipped beds in hospitals and Covid care centers as well as for providing food and other facilities to the needy in locked down areas.

At the meeting, experts complained that Covid-infected people are arriving in hospitals very late for treatment. The number of deaths is increasing as people are delaying treatment and they become critical by the time they reach a hospital.

Baghel said that compared to last year, people are less cautious vis-a-vis Covid infection this year. Patients are being found in cities as well as villages. Infection of one person affects the entire family.