CM plants neem, banyan saplings at Smart City park

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan planted Neem and Banyan saplings in the Smart City Park. Rahul Kumar, Khushboo Rai, Rupak Choubey and Rahul Shukla of The RK Hunger and Needy Person Welfare Foundation also participated in the plantation.

The foundation is always ready to help the needy people. In the Kasturi Royal Park Colony in Katara Hills area, work is also being done in the field of plantation and sanitation for environmental protection.

Members of the Foundation believe that motivating residents to segregate wet and dry waste helps in maintaining cleanliness. Special campaigns are also conducted in this direction. The banyan tree is also called Vat Vriksh, Bad or Bargad.

It has religious and Ayurvedic significance. Rich in antibiotic elements, neem is known as the supreme medicine.