Don’t ignore even small rise in Covid cases: MP CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan urges crisis management team

BHOPAL: Chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said on Monday that rising cases of Coronavirus in the state particularly Jabalpur should serve as a grim reminder of how the devastating second wave of Coronavirus had caught us unawares.
Addressing the members of Crisis Management Groups from across the state through video conferencing he appealed to the people not to lower guard against the deadly virus.

He also sought the cooperation of all in containing dengue and to behave in a manner that festivals are also celebrated and at the same time that Coronavirus doesn’t spread. “A lot of Corona cases are still being reported from Maharashtra and Kerala and we must remain vigilant and cautious so as to be able to avert the third wave at all costs,” Chouhan said.

Making a fervent appeal to people to get vaccinated for protection against Coronavirus, he said they should also continue to stick to the Covid protocol, which they seem to be forgetting after the Covid-19 cases dropped in the state.
He appealed to members of the Crisis Management Groups from district to panchayat level across Madhya Pradesh to reach out to help the state government mobilise people for vaccination so that the first dose of the vaccine is administered to all the eligible persons by September 26 and also prevail upon them to observe Covid appropriate behaviour.

Taking names of districts where vaccination rate has been lower than 70%, he said that vaccination is a must, those who have not come for vaccination should be personally contacted and brought to vaccination centres much.
“Reach out to them and tell them that vaccination is important for their own as well as other people also,” he said. He said that 1.30 crore people have not taken the first dose and another 70 lakh are not turning up for the second dose even after the due date for the purpose.