Giha pravesh of 5.21 lakh beneficiaries

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, will conduct griha pravesh (virtual) of 5.21 lakh beneficiaries of the state under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (Gramin) on March 29.

After griha pravesh, Modi will also have a virtual dialogue with the beneficiaries. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan will participate in the state level programme from Chhatarpur district. The programme will be telecast live on various platforms of Doordarshan, electronic and social media.   

Chouhan has said that the central and state governments have resolved to make sure that every poor family has their own pucca house. For the fulfillment of this resolution, pucca housing will be provided to every person by the year 2024 under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (Rural). So far, more than 24.10 lakh houses have been completed under this scheme in the state. Under the special project of the scheme, more than 23,000 houses have been completed out of the approved houses of Baiga, Sahariya and Bharia tribes.

The Awas Plus Yojana has been launched to provide Pradhan Mantri Awas to eligible persons who have been left out in the Social, Economic and Caste Census-2021 survey. Names of 31.36 lakh families left out in the survey from the state have been added, and will be given houses as per the guidelines of the Government of India.

In the scheme, an integrated action plan is made by linking various schemes in those villages or gram panchayats, where more than 100 houses are being built, to ensure all-round development of the village and the villagers through Abhyuday Navachar. In this, works like community and individual infrastructure building, social security, strengthening of livelihood etc. are undertaken. So far, 2731 villages have been identified in the entire state under Abhyudaya Navachar, out of which a detailed action plan has been prepared for the all-round development of 1668 villages.

Beneficiaries are being encouraged to use fly ash bricks in housing construction. These bricks are cheaper and of higher quality than normal bricks. Self-help groups have also been linked with the work of housing construction in the state. More than 300 members of 33 self-help groups are making about 60 to 65 thousand fly ash bricks daily in the state. Apart from this, centering material has been made available to 11,840 members of about 2800 self-help groups by getting loans from banks. These works are helping to strengthen women of self-help groups of rural areas financially. Work on the scheme is being rapidly undertaken as it is of special interest of Chief Minister Chouhan and it has also yielded good results.