Jal Jeevan Mission is PM’s gift to nation: CM

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given the gift of Jal Jeevan Mission to the entire nation to ensure easy availability of drinking water to the rural population. Through the mission, it is being ensured to provide pure water from tap to every household through village-to-village tap water schemes.

In Madhya Pradesh, work is being done at a fast pace in the mission. In the last 16 months, despite the Corona period, the pace of the work of the mission was maintained, as a result of which till now water has been supplied through tap in 3401 villages, 33 thousand 996 Anganwadi centers and 56 thousand 369 schools. In the rural population, 41 lakh 79 thousand 60 houses have been provided with tap water.

Chouhan said that it is our endeavor that in the next two years, water should start reaching from door to door in all the villages of the state. For this, water sources are also being explored in all the villages. Nal Jal scheme will be started by developing new water sources in the villages where there is no water source. This work goes on continuously. Chouhan said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced Jal Mission on August 15, 2019, to relieve the rural population, especially women, from the drinking water problem. Today this mission is proving to be a boon for the women living in rural areas. Now women have started getting drinking water through taps at home.

The Chief Minister has said that the Central Government is also providing adequate allocation for this mission which is the priority of Prime Minister Modi. In the state from June 2020, through the mission, the process of providing water through tap connections to every household in the villages started. Today more than 41.56 lakh rural families are getting continuous water supply through tap connections.

Chouhan said that a change is being brought in the lives of the rural population by using existing drinking water sources and creating new ones where there are no drinking water sources in the Jal Jeevan Mission. The change brought about by the implementation of the mission can be seen in 3401 villages of the state, where water is being provided from taps. Soon the availability of drinking water from door to door by tap will be ensured through the mission in all the villages of the state.