Nath vision for public participation in governance

Chief Minister Kamal Nath has prepared a vision for the participation of citizens in governance and to establish it as a State of knowledge. Its goal is to provide useful digital infrastructure to every citizen, to provide services immediately on demand and digital empowerment of citizens and public participation in governance.

For the digital empowerment of citizens and public participation in governance, it is very important that citizens have active participation in governance, so a strong digital platform can be created where citizens can give their valuable suggestions regarding policies, programs and schemes of governance.

Apart from this, we can have meaningful discussion on topics of public interest. They can also give their opinion in relation to the decisions of governance and through their creativity they can help in the implementation of important schemes of governance.

Chief Minister Kamal Nath is going to start an innovative initiative in this direction. On 27 January 2020, he will dedicate a new interactive portal to the people of the state. This portal is the first digital engagement platform of a different kind towards participatory governance.

The portal does not include the mechanism for redressal of citizens’ complaints, problems, demands etc. For this, tools like CM Helpline, Public Grievance Redressal Department and Public Hearing are already being used. Among the features that will remain on the portal, it is important to get suggestions on the policies, programs, innovations of the government. Chief Minister Madhya Pradesh will also have a blog on this portal, informed mppost news portal.