Total Solar Eclipse 2019: When, where, how to watch Surya Grahan in India

All eyes will be on the sky on the 2nd of July to witness a ‘Total Solar Eclipse’, the most incredible celestial phenomenon of the year. A total solar eclipse is a cosmic event where the moon blocks the sun in the sky for a few moments.

This happens when the Sun, the Moon, and the Earth form a straight line, resulting in dimming and cooling of the atmosphere for a few minutes.

On January 6, 2019, the world saw a partial solar eclipse, during which the moon covered a particular portion of the sun giving it a disk-like shape.

When, where and how to watch it in India
A ‘Total Solar Eclipse’ is a rare phenomenon, but unfortunately, the sky gazers in India will not be able to see it as it is going to occur during the night time in the country.

The eclipse will be happening over the Pacific, which will start at 10:25 pm as per Indian Standard Time. As per the reports, it will last for around four minutes and 33 seconds. This solar eclipse will be seen in parts of South America, Chile, Argentina, and South Pacific Ocean.

The length of the eclipse is expected to be double the length of the one that took place in August 2017. The next total solar eclipse is likely to occur in December 2020.