NASA shares breathtaking pictures of Earth taken from International Space Station

NASA regularly shares pictures of Mars taken from the Curiosity rover, but it also doesn’t forget to remind us how beautiful the Earth looks from space. The US space agency has shared new pictures of Earth taken from the International Space Station (ISS) and most of these pictures look like a beautiful abstract.

NASA took to Twitter to share a series of pictures taken by European Space Agency’s astronaut Luca Parmitano aboard the ISS. The pictures show various Earth landscapes including vast deserts, snow-covered mountain ridges, as well as underwater formations all the way from the space.

NASA says that these pictures have been taken from 250 miles above (around 400 km). Aside from these breathtaking pictures taken by the ESA astronaut, the agency also shared a link to see more pictures of Earth that include an image of the Richat Structure in northwestern Mauritania or better known as the “Eye of the Sahara”.

The “Eye of the Sahara” in Mauritania. (Image: NASA)
The “Eye” is a circular geologic feature thought to be caused by an uplifted dome that has been eroded to expose the originally flat rock layers. The picture was taken on October 20, 2019.

The NASA gallery also includes a beautiful image of the MattMattmarksee reservoir taken from the ISS at an altitude of 253 miles above Switzerland among others. The reservoir was built in the early 1960s between the Rimpfischhorn and Stellihorn mountains in the Swiss Alps.