NASA shares image of galaxy over 200 million light years away from Earth, calls it ‘eccentric and beautiful’

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center took to Twitter to share an image of a galaxy which has now left people amazed. Captured by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope, it’s named NGC 1614.

“This eccentrically shaped galaxy (NGC 1614) ablaze with activity was captured by @NASAHubble. The galaxy resides about 200 million light-years from Earth and is nestled in the southern constellation of Eridanus (the River),” read the caption given by NASA Goddard to this incredible image..

The image was also shared from NASA’s main Twitter account. “Peculiar, eccentric, and beautiful: that’s what we call this galaxy that dazzles from about 200 million light-years away. Captured by @NASAHubble, it’s actually two galaxies merging to become one,” they tweeted.

Along with the tweet, they shared a link to an article by NASA which details that the “active galactic merger” is the reason behind the galaxy’s peculiar appearance.

Since being shared, the post has wowed people and their comments showcase the same.

“Groovy,” wrote a Twitter user. “Wow, so great to see this. NASA you are an eye in space for mankind,” expressed another. “It’s so unbelievable to imagine that … thanks to NASA for sharing the picture,” tweeted a third. “Beautiful,” wrote a fourth and many agreed.