Now, Nigerian Scientists Claim To Have Found COVID-19 Vaccine; All You Need To Know

New Delhi: A group of scientists from Nigerian Universities claims that they have developed a vaccine for COVID-19. According to a report by The Guardian Nigeria, while addressing a news conference on Friday at Adeleke University, Ede, in Osun, Dr. Oladipo Kolawole, who was heading the team said the vaccine was being developed locally in Africa for Africans.

Kolawole who is a Specialist in Medical Virology, Immunology, and Bioinformatics at Adeleke University believes that the vaccine will work for other continents as well.

Kolawole and his team have been working extensively by exploring the genome of novel coronavirus for African countries to select the best possible candidates and after developing via select processes the researchers had been able to choose the best potential vaccine candidates and had made the possible latent vaccine constructs, said the report.

While the vaccine will take another 18 months to be unveiled and ready for mass use since they need to secure approvals from medical authorities and analyse the vaccine further.

We are glad that a vaccine that will provide a solution to a global problem like Coronavirus pandemic is coming from the garden. It is our passion to be a solution provider to such a global pandemic, and we are ready to throw our weights behind the team and make the vaccine a reality,” said Prof. Solomon Adebola, Acting Vice-Chancellor of Adeleke University in the report.

Meanwhile, Prof. Julius Oloke who is Head of the Coordinating Unit of the Research Group and Vice-Chancellor of Precious Cornerstone University, Ibadan, said “It’s a pleasure that we have come together to produce a vaccine at a time that the world is in need of solution to a ravaging pandemic.

The vaccine is real. We have validated it several. It is targeted at Africans, but will also work for other races. It will work. It cannot be faked. This is a result of the determination. It took a lot of scientific efforts.”