Scientists propose to fly to Mars via Venus

As the lead author of the scientific work of Noam Izenberg, flight to Mars can be significantly cheaper and faster if you make it through Venus. Despite the fact that the orbits of the planets are in different sides of the Earth, the astronauts will fly in the other direction. According to planetary geologist, Venus can be used as a springboard that will significantly speed up the ship flying to Mars. Moreover, it is not the only advantage.

To travel from Earth to Mars, people can use two methods. In the first, simplest, they need to follow a direct flight on the minimum distance of the planets. But, once on Mars, astronauts will be forced to spend a year and a half, as it moves closer to Earth once in 26 months.

As for the second option, on the way to Mars people can use the gravity of Venus. This will allow you to change course and accelerate a spaceship. This would cut fuel consumption, which in turn reduce the cost of flying and make it more efficient.

In addition, in the case of the flight past Venus the astronauts can go to Mars, not once in 26 months and 19 months. This means that people will come back to Earth about one year earlier, which will have a positive impact on their health.