5 Common Difficult Situations in Rummy

Traditional rummy is widely popular as a social game where players come together to win some cash while having fun. When the online version of this card game was developed, it became a worldwide sensation within a very short period of time. However, every coin has two sides. Even if a player is a pro and knows well how to play rummy smartly, they may sometimes find themselves caught in a difficult situation. Here, we are going to talk about some such situations.

  1. Discarding Much-Needed Cards by Mistake

Many a time, players accidentally discard a card that they need to complete a winning set. It might result in their losing the hand, which they would have otherwise won. This may happen due to various reasons including lack of concentration, an accidental click, wrong judgement of the opponents’ moves and a wrong arrangement of their own cards. This kind of mistake puts a player in a difficult, disappointing situation. A way to avoid making such mistakes is to think well before playing your moves rather than discarding your cards carelessly. You should always keep the cards in your hand in order so that you can analyse them with accuracy and prevent any misjudgement.

  1. Opponents Taking Too Much Time to Play

You might lose interest in a game if you happen to have an opponent who has no sense of time whatsoever. The offline version of rummy does not limit the time a player has to make his/her move, but it is sort of etiquette to not too much time to play your moves. When a player is not able to decide for a long time whether he/she wants to keep a card or discard it, it makes the other players feel bored and they get irritated by having to wait for their turn for such a long time. That is why online rummy gives limited time to players to make each move.

  1. Taking a Leap of Faith to Declare

It is very tempting to win in cash rummy, but rummy demands strategies and cognitive skills for success. Sometimes a player takes a big leap of faith and declares his/her set without checking again to see whether is a valid set! Now this mistake is really heart-breaking as even after being so close to winning, the player remains so far that he/she loses by the biggest margin possible!

  1. Too Many Jokers, Yet Not Easy to Win

It is not an easy situation if you have too many wild cards or Jokers. Though Jokers are very useful as they can replace any card, having too many of them does not do any good as you need at least one pure sequence to even get close to winning a game. This is why you should discard extra Jokers to play rummy and win cash smartly.

Even though there is a probability of the occurrence of difficult situations in the game, rummy is a very interesting game to kill one’s time. Packed with thrill, suspense and spine-chilling moments of climax, online rummy is an all-time favourite of millions.