Dope test fiasco: Wrestling Federation of India replaces Narsingh Yadav with Praveen Rana for Rio Olympics

In a final decision in Narsingh Yadav’s Rio Olympics bid, Wrestling Federation of India has decided to replace him with Praveen Rana.
Barely 10 days before the start of the Olympics, India suffered a huge embarrassment as 74kg freestyle wrestler Narsingh Yadav failed a dope test conducted by NADA.
However, with his Olympic dream in jeopardy Yadav claimed innocence, saying that the scandal is a conspiracy against him.
Narsingh said, “I have never been into doping. This is a conspiracy against me. I have never taken any banned substance.”
Prime Minister Narendra Modi sought details on his matter from the Wrestling Federation of India.
Federation president Brij Bhushan Saran met PM Modi after he held a press conference in New Delhi and supported Yadav.
An FIR is likely to be filed in the wrestler’s case.
According to a sting operation, an intruder apparently spiked Narsingh’s food on June 5 at the SAI centre in Sonipat. Junior wrestlers and a cook have alleged food contamination. The cook found intruders and noticed froth coming out of the food which was being prepared.
With all that has been said and done, Narsingh Yadav’s Olympics dream comes to an end with the wrestling federation’s decision on Tuesday.