For Virat Kohli, change is the only constant

SOUTHAMPTON: The one constant that has been part of Virat Kohli’s game is change. Be it the chubby little boy who changed himself to be the lean, mean man or the temperamental teenager who metamorphosed into an astute thinker of the game who knows how and where to show his emotions, Kohli has traversed the entire spectrum.

Even in his game, Kohli believes in changes. He came to England with a significantly different technique, whereby he was taking stance outside the crease, and that paid him rich dividends.
“We don’t want to be rigid in the way we approach the game. We go in with the idea that we have to play in a certain way, but there’s no point in being rigid,” Kohli said ahead of the fourth Test.

There’s some talk about spongy bounce in this pitch that can create a few problems. If he is taking guard outside the crease trying to negate the swing, it can be difficult to handle on a pitch that has more bounce. Kohli gave the idea that he is “pretty flexible” about the way he bats and it will depend on what’s on offer.
“Once something changes, we have to change. I think we have done well in this series. In Nottingham, it was seaming around and we batted well, being good in attack and defence. That’s what we have to take forward and assess the situation every hour,” Kohli said.
The skipper believes in the idea of flexibility when he deals with his bowlers as well. Mohammad Shami was talking on Tuesday that they have learnt how Kohli’s mind works in dealing with situations.
“The one thing I wanted the bowlers to understand is that it’s important not to give away runs even when the field setting is attacking. It’s a fine line and even if you have fielders in catching positions, you should not give the batsmen the options to score,” Kohli said.