Online Cricket Betting in Bangladesh and Pakistan

Over the years, gambling has grown with lotteries being sold and bookies appearing at horse races. Considering the popularity of cricket in Pakistan and Bangladesh, it is not surprising that betting on cricket matches is thriving in these countries. The betting market, both online and underground, continues to grow there with each passing year.

Online betting isn’t legal in Pakistan, strictly speaking. A person who is caught betting online may face a prison sentence as well as a fine of up to 1000 PKR. This is taken quite seriously in the country as hundreds of people are arrested in Pakistan every year for betting related activities, which is not the case in many countries where betting is illegal. However, if you are still interested in making online bets in Pakistan on cricket matches, there are several ways to do so. But it is essential that you keep a low profile, don’t boast about it on social media and bet with your own money. Doing so, there is a good chance that you won’t get into trouble with the authorities.

If you are in Pakistan, the best betting websites for you are Bet365 and Betway. Pakistani cards and banks do not allow transactions to be carried out on betting sites, so the ideal way to transfer money to your betting account is by maintaining an e-Wallet.

In Bangladesh, the Public Gambling Act of 1867 is the main law dictating all kinds of betting. This law has existed from the days of British colonial rule, and though betting is legal in Britain, in Bangladesh, that’s not the case. Since Bangladesh is an Islamic country, gambling is looked down upon over there. Further, if you’re caught gambling you could face a month in prison and/or a fine.

In every country where gambling is illegal, the laws corresponding to it are confusing, and Bangladesh is no exception. Horse racing thrives mainly on betting and is legal in the country. This is mainly because in several Islamic countries, like Bangladesh, there is an allowance for the Sport of the Kings. Similarly, most of the cricket gambling happens online and has many loopholes as many online betting websites are registered outside Bangladesh, and therefore, the country’s rules do not apply to them.

Not every betting site allows customers from Bangladesh due to the country’s confusing gambling laws. But Pinnacle and Bet365 are two major betting sites that allow users from Bangladesh. However, because of the laws, users can use only pre-paid cards or internet banking to make deposits. Credit cards, web wallets, and debit card are also used in some cases, but most betting sites do not accept these modes of payments for users from Bangladesh.

There are other websites as well, such as Betrally and Betaway, that allow online betting on Cricket in Pakistan and Bangladesh. However, we would advise cricket enthusiasts from those countries to observe the laws of the land and not fall prey to illegal rackets operating under the guise of portals offering online cricket betting tips.