Security personnel bar Amit Jogi from entering Chhattisgarh Assembly premises on bullock cart

Before commencement of Chhattisgarh Assembly’s winter session, a high voltage drama was witnessed outside the assembly when two suspended MLAs Amit Jogi and R K Rai along with Congress MLA Siyaram Kaushik arrived on a bullock cart.
However, security personnel barred the trio from entering the assembly campus.
Notably, Amit Jogi and R K Rai have been suspended from Congress for their alleged involvement in anti-party activities but Kaushik’s participation in the protest showcases his inclination and faith towards Jogi.
Aggrieved by the prevention, Amit Jogi termed it as violation of special privilege given by the assembly and said he will be writing a letter to the Speaker.
Post a verbal confrontation with security personnel for around 45 minutes, Jogi and others questioned that when those related to Augusta Chopper deal, which has been marred by corruption allegations, could enter the assembly then why can’t a bullock cart. It symbolises Chhattisgarh, he added.
Preventing a bullock cart from entering assembly premises is an insult to the 70 lakh farmers in the state, said Jogi.