10-year-old found hanging from closed gate of Shatabdi Express

Some passengers of New Delhi-Bhopal Shatabdi Express had shock of their life as they spotted a ten-year-old kid hanging outside by train’s door when the train was speeding at 100 km an hour on Friday.
Alarmed passengers shortly pulled the chain and saved the hapless kid.
10-year-old found hanging from closed gate of Shatabdi Express

Approaching Bhopal via New Delhi, the train had briefly halted at Ganjbasoda railway station and left shortly. By the time train sped up to 10km an hour, some passengers seated in C-11 coach saw spotted a kid hanging by train’s closed gate.
These passengers intimated pantry car staff who pulled the chain for halting the train and bringing the kid inside. After feeding the kid, the pantry staff handed him over to RPF which sent the kid to childline.
The traumatised kid took some time to be normal and later identified himself as Golu Raikwar. Wishing to roam around in Bhopal, Golu had reached the railway station in Ganjbasoda and knocked at the doors of Shatabdi Express. He hanged by the door when no one opened the gate.
Childline staff is now trying is now locating Golu’s family.