60 feet tall ‘Shaurya Smarak’ in Bhopal to depict armed forces’ glorious history

Shaurya Smarak, the brilliant piece of architecture depicting Armed forces’ glorious tale of valour and sacrifices has come up in state capital on picturesque Area Hills.
An ambitious yet long pending project of Madhya Pradesh government, the park has 60 feet tall Shaurya Stambh which has names of 480 martyr soldiers and their tales of bravery.
Developed with the cost of Rs five crore, the Shaurya Smarak has been built with black granites. The Shaurya Stambh is surrounded by 14 glass plates depicting three elements of nature—earth, air and water.
The ‘War Gallery’ developed on 8,000 sq feet area as part of the project would be depicting modern arms and ammunition used by three wings of the Indian Armed forces. This would be an underground museum and in future the place is expected to be used for hosting programmes related to the armed forces and on national festivals.
Scale models of the warships would also be getting their space in the project. Scale models are the replicas of bigger machines and each and every component of the actual object is shown in smaller proportions.
The models of Army bunkers built at Siachen and Rajasthan would also be on display. A special chamber would be built so that people could experience zero degree temperature of the Siachen glacier.
The Army would be sharing details of the warplanes, warships and arms used by three wings of the armed forces with the public through this project.
A special gallery would be depicting portraits of Mahaveer and Paramveer recipients of the Indian Army. The Shaurya Smarak was to be inaugurated by the President of India Pranab Mukherjee but the President’s office had returned the proposal sent in this regard by Madhya Pradesh government, saying that the proposal was forwarded late.