Admission blooper left 40,000 kids in lurch, cry parents & schools

BHOPAL: Parents and private schools have alleged that a ‘blooper’ in the selection process of admission on part of the school education department, has denied admissions to 40,000 children selected through final lottery school allotment.
On July 10, the children received official confirmation on their registered mobile numbers about their selection. However, parents say that no school among choices they had filled in their forms were allotted.
“This is unjust. We are told that our kids have got admission but there is no mention of name of the schools where we could go and seek their admission. The action has left children worried and dismayed. We will fight unless the kids get their right to education,” said vice-president of MP Private Schools Association.
Parents alleged that the children were refused admission in all 10 choices they had filled in forms as authorities of the education department are yet to rectify the error. Roop Singh Chaurasia, whose daughter was selected through lottery for Class I, said, “When I visited the BRC office for confirmation, they told me to go to Rajya Shiksha Kendra (RSK). And when I visited the RSK, I was told to come back after 4-5 days.”
Official for admissions under RTE, Ramakant Tiwari denied the allegations saying all children, who received SMS have been allotted schools. “They must have marked only three choices out of the 10 due which their forms must have been rejected. No child who received SMS is left out,” he said.