Madhya Pradesh citizens give one chance to APP medical facility will be free to all : Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal

Earlier there used to be caste-religion politics in the country, we know the politics of work, Delhi Chief Miniser and Aam Admi Pary leader Arvind Kejriwal said.

Twelve lakh youth got jobs in Delhi, he was addressing a party rally at Bhopal on Tuesday.

Gave 27,000 government jobs in one year in Punjab, he said.

When the youth of MP protested, the police showered sticks. Will give jobs to everyone in MP also, he said.

He claimed in Madhya Pradesh under rule 45 years of Congress government, 20 years of BJP government, If they wanted to do something in MP, they would have done it you gave them lot of chances They left no stone unturned to loot.

He said give us a chance If I don’t work, I will not come again The people of Delhi gave a chance, since then the love remains.

With organising rally , the APP has launched the party’s campaign for the Madhya Pradesh State Legislative Assembly elecions, due this year.

Independent India’s biggest scam in Madhya Pradesh-Vyapam scam.. More than 45 people died, he claimed.

There is one Satyendra Jain who made Delhi’s electricity free—made treatment, medicines free, built Mohalla Clinic, Kejriwal said.

The second is Manish Sisodia who gave good education to the children of the poor in Delhi. Modi ji put both of them in jail, he claimed.

In the Mahabharata, the Pandavas had Lord Krishna with them and the Kauravas had the Narayani Sena. Similarly, they have money-power-deceit while Lord Krishna is with us, he said.

After forming the government in Delhi-Punjab, we got 14% votes in Gujarat, so started throwing mud at me Does any corrupt school-hospital ever build?, he said.

The corrupt destroys Govt Schools-Hospitals and benefits Pvt Schools-Hospitals, he said.

Electricity has been made free in Delhi-Punjab Built great schools in Delhi, excellent schools have started being built in Punjab as well, he said.

500 Mohalla Clinics were made in Punjab in one year. There is free treatment in Delhi-Punjab, he said.

Started giving MSP to farmers on crops, he said.

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