Area wise breakdown of Corona patients in Indore till July 20- Check the list

Indore: As the rate of positive Covid-19 patients has been increasing swiftly, there are various new areas where the infection has spread.

There are 19 hotspots in the city which have seen more than 50 cases and some of the areas are in the list of hotspots since the outbreak of the disease in the city. These include Malwa Mill area which has seen the highest number of cases i.e. 262 followed by Khajrana with 236 cases.

Malharganj was emerged as a hotspot in April and out of 134 cases in the area about 80-90 patients were found in one multi storey apartment – Mahant Complex.

According to district contract tracing in-charge Dr Anil Dongre, one or two cases are still coming from these areas. “These areas are still in our priority list and we have been doing intense contact tracing in these areas,” he said.

Usha Phatak area has emerged as the new hot spot in the city with 50 cases in a week.

It has already been declared as containment zone and samples of high-risk patients have been taken in the area. We have been monitoring the cases every day,” Dr Dongre added.

New areas from where cases found positive on Monday

Krishna Park Colony, Talawali Chanda, Ada Bazaar, Sikh Mohalla, Anand Bazar, Siddh Nagar, Shivansh Residency and others.


Areas- Cases (till July 20)

Malwa Mill- 262

Khajrana- 236

Malharganj 134

Nehru Nagar- 111

Juni Indore- 109

Pardeshipura- 96

Sukhliya- 88

Juna Risala/Sadar Bazar- 81

Musakhedi- 76

South/North Toda- 73

Chandan Nagar- 71

Chhawani- 67

Azad Nagar- 62

Raj Mohalla- 58

Airport Road- 62

Nanda Nagar- 58

Goma ki Phel- 57

Usha Phatak- 51

Patnipura- 50

Vijay Nagar- 50