Atalji’s deep relationship with Vidisha, played a key role in the era of Jana Sangh

Vidisha: Former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee has a close relationship with Vidisha. He has also been an MP from here. There were also RSS preachers. In 1991, Vidisha-Lucknow contested and won the Lok Sabha elections simultaneously. But, later he resigned from Vidisha.

In fact, since the time of Jana Sangh, the roots of Atal ji Jan Sangh used to go to Vidisha for the purpose of Vidisha, during that time the leaders who stayed with him remembered the moment spent with Atalji. Recalling the moment spent with him, former Madhya Pradesh finance minister Raghavji talked about his personality, his diet and lifestyle.

Raghavji said that Atalji was fond of eating and converting. They themselves used to make good food too. Living with simplicity and wearing dhoti-kurta always kept a white shawl with you. Sometimes he used to eat cannabis too. His personality is lively and multifaceted. Because of his innate nature, he also loved the opposition.

Former BJP Treasurer of Vidisha and Ashok Goyal, who was the election director of Atalji, told that Atalji was aware of the workers. He was very comfortable and simple. There was a habit of joking and joking too. Despite being in the position of Prime Minister, his personality was very simple. Senior BJP leader Babulal Tamrakar said that Atalji was a very popular leader. The public was eager to listen to them.