Bhopal: BJP unleahes rath wrath, says Congress wants to polarise state

BJP state president Rakesh Singh said Congress has nothing to do with integrity and dignity of the country. He was addressing while flagging off 26 “digital raths” for 13 Parliamentary constituencies which will go to poll in first phase of elections on April 29. The main object of the digital rath is to inform the people about Prime minister Narendra Modi’s plans and policies.

Singh said, “Congress is frustrated with increasing popularity of PM Narendra Modi. This is the reason, Congress wants polarization in the country through various angles. Congress manifesto clearly shows that Congress has nothing to do with dignity and integrity of the country. There are many castes, religion and community in the country and Congress wants to wrest power by polarizing votes on caste, religion and communities basis. Congress manifesto triggered resentment in the country. Last time, BJP had won 26 LS seats and now we will all the 29 LS seats.”

Swantra Singh Dev, BJP state in-charge for Parliamentary polls, said, “ Congress leaders are speaking Pakistan’s language. We immediately revenged of Pulwama attack with airstrike. Now Congress leaders are raising a finger on air strike. Country is making tremendous growth under leader of PM Narendra Modi. Opposition is in tension with popularity of Modi. They try to misguide people as and when elections are held.” He was addressing party workers in Betul.

Party organizational general secretary Suhas Bhagat said, “it is the first elections to be contested between nationalists and separatist forces in the country. For Congress, the main object is to wrest the power by hook and crook while for us, country is top priority and nationalism is our object. PM Narendra Modi is working hard for dignity and integrity of the country.”