Bhopal: BMC to issue notice to company closing landfill

Bhopal: Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC) will send a notice to company, which is working for scientific closure of Bhanpur trenching ground after a major fire caused chocking smoke all around that put lives and health of over three lakh residents at stake. The chocking smoke billowing out of Bhanpur trenching ground continued till Wednesday.

The municipal officials are clueless as to who should be held responsible for the incident. Additional municipal commissioner M P Singh said that local rag pickers who enter trenching ground make bonfire to ward off the chill. He admitted that gases being produced there are harmful.

“We are inquiring about what led to the incident,” he said. He, however, failed to explain that what action will BMC take if such an incident re-occurs in future. City engineer O P Bhardwaj said that the DPR, which was finalised for the closure, covers points needed for it. Free Press talked to experts to know their views.


Environmentalist Subhash C Pandey:

“The visit of officers’ team (to trenching ground) had no scientist. This shows BMC is not taking the situation seriously. BMC should say how much waste has been burnt as the company, which is working for scientific closure should be paid the amount for the waste of what is remaining.
Emission of lethal gases due to burning of waste is harmful for environment. The company, which is working for it should be made to compensate for the loss it has caused to the environment. BMC should also clarify the categories of gases which were emitted from the venue and their effect on environment.”

Anupam Rajan, principal secretary, environment department:

“I visited the ground. Air quality was polluted threefold due to smog created after the incident. Environment department and BMC will install web cameras to monitor the movement of anti-social elements in the area. A stop dam will also be constructed there so that in case of any major fire, water can be drawn to douse flames.”

Mayor Alok Sharma:

“It may be a conspiracy. We are looking for people behind it. Police probe has been ordered. The company, which is working for it is being issued notice and that if any environmental loss is found, the company will be held responsible.”