Bhopal: Computer Baba is Narmada River Trust chairman

Bhopal: Controversial God man Namdeo Das Tyagi aka Computer Baba has been appointed as Chairman of Narmada Kshipra and Mandakini River Trust. Computer Baba hit the headlines when he played ‘sacred games’ with Shivraj led BJP government.

He started a fierce campaign known as Narmada ghotala yatra against the government but his views changed after he was accorded minister of state by Shivraj government. However, he resigned later. He was appointed was appointed a member at Narmada Campaign Awareness Committee and given minister of state (MoS) status.

He had organised a 6 week Narmada Ghotala Yatra from April 1 to May 15 and mobilised hundred of sadhus before assembly elections. On March 31, Shivraj government issued orders for appointment of Computer Baba and four other sadhus as members of special government committee made for conservation of river Narmada.

On April 3 he was accorded status of minister of state but resigned on October 8. Later when Shivraj announced formation of Gau Mantralaya, Baba had suggested formation of Narmada Mantralaya. Computer Baba had political ambitions right from the beginning. Earlier he had contested the Lok Sabha election on an Aam Aadmi Party ticket in 2014. His kept shifting loyalties.