Bhopal Gang-rape: Women’s panel probe finds serious errors, wants action against erring docs

Bhopal: Days after the Sultania Hospital doctors committed serious blunders by writing an extremely misleading medical report of the 19-year-old gang rape victim, the inquiry by the State Women’s Commission has found many shortcomings in the manner the sensitive report was dealt with.
The commission, after taking a strong note of the incident on Tuesday decided to write to the government for cancelling the registration of those doctors along with their team in question.
The chairperson of the commission, Lata Wankhede, took the decision after hearing the version of two doctors who accepted their mistakes on Tuesday.
“This is what goes on when everybody thinks nobody is watching. There are several loopholes, which led to the filing of the wrong report. Firstly, the concerned lady doctor wrote the report in English, knowing pretty well that she was not well versed with the language. Secondly, there was no coordination between the team of doctors who were supposed to approve the report as per protocols,” Wankhede said.
The chairperson said a visit to the hospital and subsequent probe revealed that the report had to be checked by seniors and then sent to a team of doctors for approval, which certainly did not happen.
“The report exposes the hospital’s callous approach, while dealing with the highly sensitive issue,” Wankhede said. She added that the authority was supposed to be proactive in accordance with rules but miserably failed.
“Calling a rape victim an accused and saying that the rape was consensual sex is a blot on the health sector of state, leave alone the hospital in question. The doctors do not deserve to be called as doctors. Although they have accepted their mistake and are pleading for forgiveness, it is the state that has to take a call now or never,” the commission said.

The chairperson also said that a visit to the hospital unveiled how patients were being mistreated. “We saw two patients sharing same the bed. The wards were filthy and the hygiene was not maintained,” Wankhede said.
A week after the incident, a medical examination report by Sultania doctors called the survivor an “accused” and stated that the girl had “consensual” intercourse with the two accused who allegedly tied her up and raped her for hours.
The two doctors who appeared before the commission were asked why their registration should not be cancelled after committing a blunder of such magnitude, which tormented the rape survivor as much as the incident itself.
The commission will also write to the hospital dean to highlight the loopholes found after inquiry into the matter. “The authority must be answerable as to why their team failed to check the medical report and give their approval,” the commission said.