Bizarre diktat: Tribal panchayat ostracises family over funeral, demands liquor feast for cancelling punishment

In a shocking incident, ten members of a tribal family were ostracised by the panchayat in Mandla for allowing people from other castes to participate in the last rites of a man.
The incident reportedly happened in Githar Malpahri village that falls under the limits Mahegaon police station area.
“The panchayat ordered my family to offer meat and liquor feast to the whole community if we want our punishment cancelled,” alleged Gulab Singh Masram, head of the family.
As per initial reports, a man named Dhanna Lal Masram, who belonged to tribal community in the village died last year and his funeral ceremony was attended by the members of other community that enraged the panchayat.
Durga Bai, one of the victim, informed that when panchayat came to know about the incident, it issued a diktat and ostracised the whole family of ten people.
However, Deepak, member of other community said that deceased Dhanna Lal Masram was like a father figure to him and he participated in his funeral as he believes in humanity.
Deepak added that he was opposed by his community for participating in the funeral.
However, head of the tribal community in Githar Malpahri village has denied occurrence of any such incident.