BJP demands strict action against Congress MLA Saraf for firing in a function

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Madhya Pradesh chief VD Sharma has strongly reacted on the firing done by Congress MLA (Kotma, Anuppur) Suneel Saraf allegedly by a pistol during a function to celebrate new year which Saraf termed as a toy gun.

Sharma tweeted “The manner in which Sunil Saraf, who is a Congress MLA, committed hooliganism and whether he had a service revolver or an illegal revolver, should also be investigated. Strict action should be taken against him. This is not his first act”.

Sharma said in past too Saraf came to limelight for alleged misbehaved with a woman travelling in the train.

After the video surfaced on the social media platform, Congress MLA Suneel Saraf is saying that he fired in the air with a toy gun…., tweeted BJP leader Narendra Saljua.

Adding Saluja said “Wow MLA, you keep a toy gun hidden behind your back and load it like a real one and fire it…? According to you, you are a toy wala don…” as Saraf carried the act while dancing on a Bollywood famous song “Mein Hoon Don..”.

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