BJP Leader Announces Rs 5 Lakh Bounty to ‘Behead’ Mandsaur Rape Accused

Bhopal: After Indore MLA’s bizarre ‘advice’ to Mandsaur rape survivor’s parents, a Bharatiya Janata Party leader in Madhya Pradesh’s Hoshangabad district has raised some eyebrows over his recent statement.

Demanding capital punishment for the rape accused, BJP leader Sanjeev Mishra announced a bounty of Rs 5 lakh for beheading the perpetrators and “getting their heads”.

“We demand capital punishment for the accused. If Court or administration is not capable of doing it, I have said I will give Rs 5 Lakh to the person who beheads the accused and gets his head,” he said.

Earlier, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan had also said that the accused should be hanged for committing such a heinous crime.

The incident occurred on June 27 when a seven-year-old girl was abducted and brutally raped in Mandsaur, in a grim reminder of the 2012 Nirbhaya case in Delhi where a nursing student was sexually assaulted by six people onboard a private bus.

Two accused in the case have been arrested. A Special Investigation Team (SIT) has also been constituted to further investigate the matter.

Doctors treating the girl said there were several bite marks on her body, her nose was badly injured and rectum was ruptured, indicating that an object had been inserted into her privates. They had to cut some nerves to perform three surgeries to save the girl and her condition is stable now, they added.

Those close to the family said the girl was in immense pain and had told her mother to “either treat me or kill me”. She also did not let her mother out of her sight.

However, doctors on Sunday said that the survivor’s health was improving. “After the incident, the child was in shock and was very scared. But now her face shows less fear than earlier,” Indore’s Maharaja Yeshwantrao Hospital’s superintendent V S Pal said.

After counselling the minor victim, psychiatrist Swati Prasad said, “The child is talking about things which she likes, such as her favourite game, food and TV serial etc. These are very positive signs which means she is recovering from the trauma. Gradually her mental state will get stronger.”