Born To Foreigner, Can’t Be Patriot”: BJP’s Pragya Thakur Targets Rahul Gandhi

Bhopal: A person born to a foreigner cannot be a patriot, BJP MP Pragya Thakur has said in her latest controversial pronouncement, targeting Congress leader Rahul Gandhi without naming him.
The BJP’s MP from Bhopal questioned the patriotism of both Rahul Gandhi and his mother Sonia Gandhi, the Congress president, in her comments on Sunday.

“Chanakya had said only a son of the soil can protect the country. A person born to a foreign woman cannot be a patriot,” Pragya Thakur said.

“If you have citizenship of two countries, how can you have any patriotic feelings,” said the self-claimed “Sadhvi”, attacking the Gandhis.

She also said the Congress party is devoid of moral, ethics and patriotism.

“Congress should look within. They don’t know how to speak. The party is devoid of ethics, morale, and patriotism,” she said, hitting out at the party for raising questions on the government’s handling of the China crisis.

Italy-born Sonia Gandhi’s foreign origin has often been the BJP’s polemic against the Congress party. Pragya Thakur is the latest to raise it.

“Pragya has brought disgrace to the post of MP. She was also involved in a case of terrorism. Now she seem to have lost her mental cool. BJP should get her treated,” said JP Dhanopia Congress spokesperson in Madhya Pradesh.

Several BJP leaders have described as “anti-national” the questions raised by the Congress and its leaders since the June 15 Ladakh clash in which 20 soldiers were killed in the line of duty.

In a sharp attack on Friday, Rahul Gandhi said in a video posted on Twitter: Mr Prime Minister, you have to speak the truth. You have to tell the truth to the country. Don’t be afraid. If you say ‘No land has been taken’ when it actually has, it will benefit China. We have to fight them together and kick them out. So you have to speak the truth without being afraid. Say, ‘Yes, China has taken our land and we are going to take action.’ The entire country is standing with you.”