Cabinet Meeting: Big decisions for the farmers of Shivraj cabinet ‘Government will pay the interest of defaulter farmers, extended the limit of wheat purchase till May 20’

Shivraj cabinet has taken big decisions for the farmers today. Under this, now the date of purchase of wheat for the farmers has been extended from May 10 to May 20. The benefit of zero percent interest on crops sold till April 30 has now been extended till May 20. On the other hand, under another important decision, interest of Rs 2123 crore outstanding on 11 lakh 19 thousand farmers of the state will be waived off. This interest will be paid by the state government.

big decisions for farmers
Home Minister Narottam Mishra informed about the important decisions of the cabinet. On the other hand, Agriculture Minister Kamal Patel and Cooperative Minister Arvind Bhadoria told about the decision related to farmers. Minister Bhadoria said that in the cabinet meeting today, it has been decided that the interest of 21 lakh 23 crore rupees of 11 lakh 19 lakh farmers of the state will be waived. As on March 31, 2023, the interest of all the defaulter farmers who have an outstanding loan of Rs 2 lakh will be waived off. In this, the interest amount of about 2,123 crores of 11 lakh 19 thousand defaulter farmers will be waived. He said that the interest of all such defaulter farmers who have outstanding loans up to Rs 2 lakh will be waived off.

For this, the list will be pasted on the 12th. Applications will be taken from May 13 to 15 through Pax Societies. The applications will be scrutinized from May 16 to 18 and the amount will be transferred to the banks on May 22. On May 25, there will be a state level farmers conference where all the farmers will be called. On May 26, farmers will be given default free certificates through committees. And the distribution of compost seeds will be done from June 1. On the other hand, Agriculture Minister Kamal Patel said that it was decided in the cabinet that now the date of wheat purchase has been extended from May 10 to May 20. Now till May 20, all the farmers who sell their crops will get the benefit of zero percent.

other important decisions
Home Minister Narottam Mishra informed that new sections and 11 posts have been approved in Gaurihar of Chhatarpur. New section Tonkkhurd has been approved in Dewas and 11 posts have been sanctioned including a total of 69 Patwari Halke. In order to develop/expand the Rewa airstrip, the cabinet has decided to execute an MoU between the state government and the Airport Authority of India. On the other hand, the Chief Minister’s public service campaign is starting again from May 10, in which 67 types of services have been identified. The pending cases of the first phase will be settled and the pending problems in the CM Helpline will be resolved. Along with this, 24 children of the state are being brought from Manipur and communication is being established with them. The Madhya Pradesh government will bear the expenses of bringing the child of Rewa who died in China to India.