Cabinet stamp on debt waiver plan in Madhya Pradesh, now the loan seekers will benefit from this date.

The new government of Madhya Pradesh has approved farmers’ debt waiver scheme of two lakhs. Kamal Nath stamped the proposal on Saturday in the first cabinet meeting of the government. This decision will benefit about 55 lakh farmers of Madhya Pradesh.

Under this scheme, the smallest farmers will get the benefit. According to MP Government, there are about 35 lakh farmers. From February 22, the relief money will start in the accounts of the farmers. The executive officer of the block will be responsible for the implementation of this scheme. According to the information received, under the Chief Minister Kanyadan scheme, giving subsidy amount of 51 thousand rupees has also been approved in the meeting of the Cabinet.

Instead of March 31, 2018, till 12 December 2018, the benefits to the farmers taking the loan

In this scheme of debt waiver, farmers have been waived by two lakh rupees. Under this scheme, the first base date was March 31, 2018. That is, the farmers who lent up to March 31, 2018, will be waived of their debt. Now under the scheme, the farmers taking the loan till December 12, 2018 have also been included.