Chaiwalla PM and farmer’s son become CM if Congress comes to power- Shivraj Singh Chauhan

Raisen: Publicity in the state due to assembly elections is at its peak. In this order, PM Shivraj Singh Chauhan came to the assembly in the Sangam of Bari Nagar of the three Legislative Assemblies. While addressing the election rally in favor of Surendra Patwa in the Bhojpur Legislative Assembly, he organized several Zubani attacks on Congress.

While addressing the gathering, the CM said that the entire congress of Confucius is contested under the leadership of which leader. During the Congress, there was a mismatch of broken roads while BJP formed 1.5 lakh kms of roads. That is why Congress gets angry. He promised to end the loan of farmers in 10 days but the debt was not waived in Punjab but when the BJP pays more money in the farmers’ accounts then the Congress gets angry.

Shivraj Singh appealed to the people to vote for BJP and said that houses will be built by 2022 as poor. The party works in the interest of the poor. The government will waive children’s fees and give the girls scooty. He, while blaming Congress President Rahul, said that the son of a tea maker, pm and the son of the helper will become CM and the Congress gets annoyed.

Although Shivraj Chauhan came here after 5 years, people had to call on rent to mobilize crowd in his gathering. For which, women were brought from Budhni, who had distributed saris to some Sunita Madam, who came with wearing saris of the same color.