Chhattisgarh govt to educate 1 lakh BPL people under ‘E-literacy programme’

#Raipur #Chhattisgarh Chhattisgarh recently was awarded for outperforming in Digital India week is now planning to achieve new milestone in digital literacy.
In order to make a major contribution in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s flagship initiative ‘Digital India’ campaign, the state government is planning to make over one lakh people of Below Poverty Line (BPL) category ‘digitally literate’ under e-Literacy project.
For this Chhattisgarh Infotech & Biotech Society (CHiPS) has already enrolled 14,97,83 people (including 10204 Aanganbadi workers, 13656 Accredited Social Health Activists, 647 ration shop dealers and 125276 general candidates) against the fixed target of 1,20000 people.
60,000 people have completed their training while 13,422 candidates have cleared the examination conducted after completion of training period, informed sources within CHIPs.
“The aim of e-literacy project is crystal clear we want to make people digitally literate without making any difference so that each one of us can easily operate digital devices, able to view their files, mails and learn how to communicate digitally through internet so that benefits of e-governance could be easily be reaped”, informed Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of CHiPS Saurabh Kumar.
Under this project, over 1 lakh people (one from each household) across Chhattisgarh will be made e-literate within fixed duration of three years with hands on practice on tablets, added the CEO.
Under this programme, registered trainees are being subjected to a short duration computer course of 20 hours carried out by Common Service Centre (CSC) and an examination of two hours.