Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan reached Patharia for campaigning

Damoh: The campaigning in the state is getting bigger. All the big giants are public relations for their own party. In this order, Shivraj Singh Chauhan Pathriya’s Madhav Rao Spray College Ground has appealed to BJP to vote for the second time in the favor of candidate Lakhan Patel.

While addressing the gathering from the platform, Shivraj Singh said while addressing the gathering at Congress and other parties that they would not be able to come under anybody’s illusion and they would guarantee the versatile development of Patharia by pressing the button of the lotus flower. Chief Minister also listened to BJP’s achievements from the stage. In this gathering, Damoh MP Prahlad Patel, District President Devnarayan Srivastava, Patharia’s former MLA Sunabai, removed MLA Umadevi Khatik, Swami Atmanand Saraswati, Rajendra Guru, Vijay Singh Rajput and BJP office bearers of Mandla were present.