CM Chouhan interacts with sisters and daughters on Ram Navami

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan had dialogue on various dimensions of women empowerment with women sarpanch, sportsperson, police officer, doctor, sister of self-help group and student on the occasion of Ram Navami today.

Chouhan greeted the sisters and daughters on the occasion of Navratri and Ram Navami and apprised them about the impact of the steps taken by the state government for women empowerment and the background of the decisions.

This discussion lasted for an hour, in which sisters and daughters received answers to their queries related to women’s welfare through questions from Chief Minister Chouhan.

Chouhan said that today, I am happy to interact with women sarpanch, sportsperson, police officer, doctor, Ladli Lakshmi Beti and students. Society cannot progress without daughters.

Various schemes have been implemented in Madhya Pradesh for the empowerment of daughters and sisters, he said.

The implementation of these schemes gives a message to the society that how important daughters are, he said.

Where sisters have come to more than 50 percent places in the local bodies, their recruitment in the police is making the task of women empowerment easier, he said.

They are also performing their duties better on the posts of teachers. Self-help groups of sisters are doing good work, he said.

The sisters are doing jobs like manufacturing of toys, preparation of uniforms, recovery of electricity bills, operation of tap-water scheme. Women are also coming forward in the field of processing of paddy and wheat.

Chouhan said that sisters often require leave under certain circumstances. In view of this, we have made a provision of additional 7 days leave for women employees.

It is our duty that there should be such a system that the sisters do not have to be helpless and they become strong instead of being weak.

The Chief Minister said that the society is indebted to the mothers and sisters. She creates the universe. Their debt can be repaid by the implementation of such schemes.

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