CM Shivraj will now be seen on the kids’ bags too.

Bhopal: Every attempt to woo the Mama Shivraj’s public in Madhya Pradesh in the electoral phase is very strong. In order to remain in power in this episode and to woo the public, they adopted another new method. In fact, Mama Shivraj will now be seen on the school bags of the children of the state. Prior to the election, Shivraj is preparing to distribute bags to children up to Class VIII. Government will distribute bags to about 1.12 crore children

According to the information, about Rs 224 crore will be spent in this scheme and now the children up to Class 8 have been included in the scheme.

Before this, it was announced by the government that in view of the Ujjwala plan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be photographed by Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chauhan and in the Tirth Darshan scheme. According to the Ujjwala plan, the photos of PM Modi in subsidized gas mills will be taken.

In this case, the State Government says that no one should have any objection to the photograph of PM-CM in the Central and State Government’s plans. Prior to this, Shivraj’s government came to the headlines on the use of tiles with photographs of PM Modi and CM Shivraj in the Prime Minister’s housing scheme. On this, Food Minister Om Prakash Dhruve said that the government is BJP. These schemes are also from the BJP. Will not do their branding then will Rajiv Gandhi’s