CMO tweets show mirror of the ‘American roads’ of the province

Bhopal: The claims of making the roads of Madhya Pradesh like America and Paris do only by giving CM Shivraj. In one of the programs of Shahdol on August 1, Shivraj Singh Chauhan once again staked his claim on this promise and paused the government’s back. Reiterating his point, he said that once again I say that the roads in Madhya Pradesh are not less than the US. But what did they know their statement would make her government a minority? Three days after Shivraj’s statement, a second tweet was made from his office. Who was showing the mirror to this paper claim of the Chief Minister.

Government mocking on social media
Indeed, on August 4, the post of the Twitter handle of the CM office of Madhya Pradesh, in which the posters were read in the praise of the state government’s immunization campaign. But in this tweet, Shiva “Raj” kept the roads of Madhya Pradesh open.

In a post made from the Twitter handle of the CM office, it was written that Madhya Pradesh has achieved hundred percent success in #MissionIndradhanush of vaccination, with vaccination by the health department of Kharani, Chhattarpur, 3 remote villages including Sukhwaha. Due to lack of roads, the team reached the 10km pedestrian crossing the jungle and other obstacles. At the end of the post, hashtag of New India has been imposed.

How is this New India
It is in front of the New India hashtag claim that it is right, at the end of the post itself, the Chief Minister’s Office himself informed that due to lack of roads, the vaccination workers had to go 10 kilometers on foot, then through a forest to an inaccessible village. This truth is now in front of everyone that Madhya Pradesh has such villages which are in the heart of the hollow claims of American roads. The roads here have not yet been built.

Wounds Such statements
Shivraj Singh Chauhan, who has been representing the BJP government for 15 years in the province, when he calls on the public platform to bridge the state like the American roads, then what will happen to those people who have not yet seen the road? Yet Shivraj says that the roads in Madhya Pradesh are better than the US, such statements give mental wound to the people.