CM’s turban on Rahul Gandhi, ‘Will not even make the charger of thin pin even mobile?’

Bhopal: In the politics of Madhya Pradesh, the round-the-clock reversal continues. In the same sequence, on Thursday, CM Shivraj attacked with a tweet on ‘Made in Mediapadash’ mobile statement given by Rahul Gandhi in Satna.

In an attack on Rahul Gandhi, the tweeter said, “All our schemes are for every particular person of the society. We always work with good intention, good thinking, good plans and bring about positive improvements in our lives. We are not talking about making “Made In ____” mobile phones everywhere. ‘

At the same time, in his second tweet, CM Shivraj tweeted about Rahul Gandhi’s Satna and Rewa tour, ‘Made in Madhya Pradesh’ mobile, ‘Made in Chitrakoot’ mobile, mobile of BHEL, do not know Rahulji and where to make mobile The factory is going to be installed!

Significantly, Rahul Gandhi had said in Satna on Thursday that if the Congress government comes in Madhya Pradesh, then we will develop the state so that the phones sold in the country in the next five years will be ‘Made in Madhya Pradesh’. CM Shivraj has surrounded Rahul Gandhi with this statement.