Complete survey of crop damage due to hailstorm within a week officials told

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that the survey of damage due to hailstorm should be completed in 7 days and distribution of relief amount should be started within 10 days.

He said the work of crop damage survey should be done with honesty and transparency.

He said the entire process to get the benefit of the crop insurance scheme should be done seriously. Make advance storage of manure for Kharif crops. Farmers should not face inconvenience in selling wheat at the support price.

He said also be sure to pay on time. The arrangement of drinking water should remain better and smooth in summer. Make preparations in advance for water supply every day, where arrangements for drinking water transport have to be made.

Chouhan was virtually addressing the meeting related to the feedback of Vikas Yatra at the residence office late at night. Ministers, MLAs, public representatives and administrative officers of the districts connected virtually.

Chouhan said that Vikas Yatras have taken place in a systematic and unprecedented manner.

He said the society also joined the government in the yatras.

He said Yatras were held in all 230 assemblies. The yatra has been praised all over.

The Collectors have made many innovations.

The Chief Minister congratulated everyone for the success of the Yatra.

He said there should be a follow up of the yatra. The shortcomings found during this period should be filled. Complete the remaining tasks as well.

He said the yatra will be perfect only when there is zero defect. A report of the yatra should be sent so that the deficiencies can be rectified.

He said Ladli Bahna Yojana is very important, which will prove to be a milestone in changing the lives of sisters. Sisters should not be deprived of the benefits of the scheme. Get involved in getting the benefit of the scheme with your soul. After reaching the village and ward, the applications of the sisters should be filled. There should be no inconvenience to the sisters.

He said this time wheat production is likely to be good. In the interest of the farmers, there should be good arrangements for procurement of wheat at the support price. Wide publicity of the procurement system should also be done.

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