Congress alleges Rs 2,000 crore Simhastha scam in MP

Soon after the Monsoon session concluded in Madhya Pradesh on Friday, opposition Congress accused ruling Bharatiya Janata Party of huge misappropriation of funds on the pretext of organising Simhastha in Ujjain.
Taking a dig at BJP government, Congress state head Arun Yadav convened a press briefing at party office alleging that Rs 2,000 crore Simhastha scam has been unearthed in the state.
Congress alleges Rs 2,000 crore Simhastha scam in MP
Madhya Pradesh Congress chief Arun Yadav (file photo)
Describing the magnitude of the scam, Yadav said that even a broom was bought at Rs 130 per piece during the religious conclave.
A sum of Rs 7.5 crore was spent on bringing the water from Panchkoshji to fair ground and Rs 100 crore went down the drain for making staying arrangements of the officers, Yadav said.
He categorically alleged that BJP government spent over Rs 27 crore on unnecessary heads.
Congress leader Ramniwas Rawat said that the government spent Rs 6 crore on the training of the officers and Rs 1.27 crore alone on buying flowers for the conclave.
According to Rawat, the Simhastha scam seemed up to 25 to 35 % of the total budget but as the information kept pouring in, it now seems that around 55% of the budget was misappropriated.
He further alleged that Rs 42 lakh were spent on pasting entry passes on vehicles and Rs one crore were invested in taking the devotees up to Mahakaal temple but the truth is that the devotees reached the temple on their own, the Congress leader said.
“Rs 2.5 crore were spent as gifts to media,” he alleged.
The Congress leaders said that apart from using RTI, several questions were asked in assembly but the government offered misleading replies. Acting Leader of Opposition Bala Bachchan alleged that Mahakaal’s picture was shortened by the government in advertisements and a relatively bigger picture of CM Chouhan was used for ensuring his branding.
The Congress leaders claimed that the part lawmakers tried their best for a debate on Simhastha scma in assembly but the state government did not allow it to happen.