Congress MLA booked for calling collector ‘heroine’, referring to Kedar Kashyap as a ‘mad minister’

A FIR has been lodged against Congress MLA Amarjit Bhagat of Sitapur constituency, Ambikapur district for making offensive remarks against collector Ritu Sain and school education minister Kedar Kashyap.
On May 27, Congressmen carried out a ‘chhakka jam’ for fulfilment of their demands under the leadership of MLA Amarjit Bhagat.
Bhagat was heard calling Sian a “heroine” and referred to Kashyap as a mad minister in local Chhattisgarhi language.
The MLA directed verbal attacks towards Chhattisgarh government and administration for its failure, while addressing a public gathering in the presence of police and administrative officials.
He said of District Collector Ritu Sain: “Our collector is a beautiful heroine, she does whatever comes in her mind.”
“A few days ago, one tribal minister came to our constituency. I have not seen such a mad minister in 48 years of my life. What to say to a minister who put a lock on schools,” Bhagat remarked about the education minister.
Local BJP leaders reported the matter at Batauli Police Station and demanded FIR be lodged against the Congress MLA under stringent sections.
Batauli Police lodged FIR against Amarjit Bhagat under IPC Section 294,506 on the basis of the complaint filed by BJP Mandal Adhyaskh Jiteshwar Pathak.
Pathak said that Bhagat’s statements were intolerable and demeaning.
BJP Pradesh Mantri Anurag Singh Dev said that Bhagat jammed NH 43 more than 20 times, failed to bring in any funds from the UPA government for the construction of highways or development.
Meanwhile, Amarjit Bhagat said that his intention was not to hurt sentiments of anyone but rather he appraised the work done by the Collector.
Defending his “heroine” remark, Bhagat said that his intention was to praise her as a good leader. He criticised the media for presenting his words in bad light.
CM Raman Singh reacted to the matter, saying “Being a public representative he might have some grievances but this is not way to criticise anybody, and public representatives should be select their words cautiously.”