Construction of 152 crores in Bhilipuzhan in Shahpura

Dindori Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan did the Bhumi Pujan of 09 development works costing more than Rs. 152 crore in Janpad Panchayat Shahpura of Didori district. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan undertook the Bhumi Pujan of Chief Minister Nalajal Feeday Yojna at a cost of Rs. 148 crores at Kosaghat Group Naljal Supariya Yojna and Tikera Sarai aka Baansha at a cost of 42 lakh. Under the Deendayal Antyodaya livelihood mission, Bhumi Pujan of construction of livelihood building in Shahpura, Manhadwani, Dindori and Amarpur. The cost of each livelihood building is 50 lakh rupees. Under the Chief Minister Gram Sarovar scheme, under the Chief Minister’s scheme, construction of 48 lacs of Sarovar and construction of village Gaur-Darri in village Dindori, 82 lacs of Chief Minister Gram Sarovar, construction of Shahpura-Jamgon-Batuunda road construction was done. On this occasion, Omprakash Dhive, Collector of State Government, Mohit Bundas, Superintendent of Kartikeyan, District Executive Officer of District Panchayat Dilip Kumar Yadav, SDM Shahpura Amit Bhamoria and other officials were present on the occasion. Apart from this, Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chauhan also laid the foundation stone of about 7 crore works worth about 6 crore 47 lakhs in Samanpur.
The feet of Congress leaders are not on the ground

Addressing the gathering on this occasion, the District Panchayat President Jyoti Prakash Dhruve felicitated the Congress. He criticized the attitude of Congress leader Digvijay and Jyotiraditya, who arrived in the district. Jyoti Prakash said that the people of Gadaasarai told one of the Congress leaders that it is the people of Shivraj that they did not get any listener in Gadasarai. When the crowd was filled with buses, the leader rushed out to read the speech and went to sleep. Mahajan came to meet for the meeting and in the morning, Mahasaya returned with his lav Lashkar visiting the forest. They do not even go to their house by going to our brothers. The people of Dindori have terribly insulted the people of Maharaj’s place; people were standing in the place of hospitality, but Maharaj disrespected them and even the decorated workers did not reach the stage. Even now, the feet of Maharaj and the Congress leaders who came before them are not on the ground.