Criminals shoot jeweller dead, police remain clueless

A renowned jeweller was shot dead by unidentified men on Thursday night in Raipur district of Chhattisgarh.
The criminals shot the jeweller Pankaj Bothra dead at around 9 pm close to his residence in Bhairav Society near Tikrapara police station and looted a bag full of jewellery and cash.
Interestingly, over 14 hours have been passed since the incident happened but, till now the police has not been able to gather any concrete clue.
As per the blurred CCTV footage, two assailants followed Bothra and overtook him near an abandoned dark street where they shot him dead. The police has also recovered two cartridges from the site.
The jeweller died on the spot due to profuse bleeding.
Bothra was relative of Bhansali and Kamal Jewellers and had a good hold in Sarrafa market.
Reacting on the incident, the Head of Raipur Sarrafa Association Ashok Golcha has threatened to call a strike if the case is not resolved soon.
Accusing the government of poor law and order in the state, the Congress leader Kanhaiya Agarwal said that the government has failed in providing protection to the traders from goons, robbers and thieves.
TI Tikrapara informed, “We have deployed a dog squad and several teams to nab the attackers. “