Delhi Riots: MP police put on high alert, CCTVs near religious places

BHOPAL: Police Headquarters have issued high alert notice to the field officers, in a view of Delhi riots.

Extra policing has been launched in the sensitive areas. SPs have also issued the advisory to prevent any untoward situation in the state.

Sources informed that in the state many districts and cities are communally sensitive and earlier both the CAA and NRC supports had taken out the rally and in many places the demonstration is still underway.

In Bhopal at Iqbal Maidan the protest is going for last one and half month and huge number of women along with other people gather at night at the site.

On the other hand the supporters of CAA and NRC had also taken out the rallies. Viewing the whole situation the PHQ had issued the alert orders to the field staff.

IG law and order D Sriniwas informed Free Press that the orders and instructions have been given to the zonal and range IGs and district SPs to prevent any untoward situation in their area respectively.

The field staff have been asked to take the action against the notorious criminals of their area. Importantly they have been instructed to keep a watch on social media and to prepare local level strategy to handle the situation.

Police officers have been told to organise the all community meeting and also the all party meeting if it is needed. They have been told to identify powerful leaders of communities as well as persons who can create problem for the law and order.

The staff have been instructed to install CCTV cameras near religious places and also to find out the camera present in the particular areas. They were asked to connect the feed to the district control room.

The state border shares its boundaries with Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan and Gujarat. SPs of the adjoining to the states are instructed to coordinate with the SPs of other states.

In the state 18 districts are hyper-communally sensitive and 29 are partially sensitive, but importantly three new districts are emerging as a communally sensitive.

In the region wise, whole of the Malwa Nimar area is hyper sensitive, in Mahakoshal and in Bundelkhand only few districts are sensitive and in Gwalior Chambal region few districts adds to sensitive category.

Rapid Action Force have been instructed to be on alert in the three districts including Bhopal Indore and Jabalpur.