Destroying Sinners a Sacred Act’: Shivraj Chouhan’s Defence After Viral Clip on Toppling Kamal Nath Govt

Aday after audio and video clips of Shivraj Singh Chouhan admitting they toppled the state government on the instructions of the party high command went viral, the Madhya Pradesh chief minister on Thursday defended his stance, saying “destroying sinners is a sacred act”.

“Paapiyon ka vinash karna toh punya ka kaam hai. Hamara dharm to yahi kehta hai. Kyon? Bolo! Siyapati Ramchandra ki Jai (Destroying the sinners is a sacred act. Our religion says so. Doesn’t it? (Sic),” tweeted Chouhan.

A major controversy erupted in Madhya Pradesh after the clip went viral in which Chouhan can be heard saying that the party high command had instructed them to remove the Congress government or it would have destroyed everything. He had also claimed it wasn’t possible without Jyotiraditya Scindia and his aide Tulsiram Silawat.

Congress leaders, including Kamal Nath, called it evidence that the BJP had dislodged them from power through a conspiracy and allurements.

Earlier, BJP national general secretary Kailash Vijayvargiya called the audio clip “manufactured”. He added that the clip was produced “without using brains” and there was nothing objectionable as “our party undertakes all work after instructions from the party high command”.

Responding to the threat by the Congress of moving the Supreme Court and approaching the President on the matter, Vijayvargiya said they were free to go anywhere.

“We are winning all the 24 assembly bypolls”, said Vijayvargiya, adding that the Kamal Nath government, in its 14-month tenure, was exposed badly on issues such as sand mining, liquor, transfer, posting industry or deceit meted out to farmers, women and the public.

Former Kamal Nath minister Silawat, who found a mention in the Chouhan clip, also cleared his stance on Thursday. “We were asked to take to the streets and we did so,” he said, referring to Nath’s old statement in which he had responded to Scindia’s threat of taking to the streets by saying “let them do so”.