DISHA committee set up in MP to monitor progress of welfare schemes

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that it is necessary to ensure public participation in monitoring the implementation and effectiveness of development and public welfare activities like the MNREGA scheme, construction of Amrit Sarovar, Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana. People’s representatives will also have to fulfill their responsibility in this.

The DISHA committees constituted at the state and district level for monitoring and review of various schemes by the Union Ministry of Rural Development also have an important responsibility.

Chouhan was addressing the meeting of the State-Level DISHA Committee at Mantralaya.

Start road construction only on available budget, people should not face problems due to incomplete roads

Chouhan said that special efforts should be made to increase the number of man-days created under MNREGA. It is necessary to ensure transparency in the implementation and payment of community works.

He said the effort should be that 100 percent of payment should be Aadhaar based. Road construction works should be started only based on budget availability.

It should be ensured that the road construction that has started should not be left incomplete, and people should not face problems due to incomplete roads, he said.

The Chief Minister said that we aim to extend the roads to the farms. For this purpose, there is a plan to construct roads in remote areas.

The construction of ponds should be taken as a priority to save rain water in dry areas.

Ensure 100 percent compliance with the norms given by Prime Minister Modi in the construction of Amrit Sarovar, he said.

Madhya Pradesh leading in the country in providing employment to STs in MNREGA

It was informed that Madhya Pradesh is among the leading states in the country in employing Scheduled Tribes under MNREGA. Since the inception of the scheme, 68 lakh 84 thousand works have been completed.

There is a target of constructing 75 Amrit Sarovars in each district of the state.

Till now the work of 2 thousand 657 Amrit Sarovars has been completed. 63 Amrit Sarovars built in the state is dedicated to freedom fighters and martyrs. In addition, 116 Sarovars have been constructed at places of historical importance and 231 Sarovars in places of religious importance. Activities like fish and water chestnut production have been linked to Amrit Sarovars for multipurpose economic benefits.

43 schemes are reviewed in the DISHA committee

The Ministry of Rural Development of the Central Government has arranged for the formation of DISHA committees at the district and state levels for monitoring and review of various schemes.

The Chief Minister is the chairman of the state-level committee and the chairman of the district-level committee is the Lok Sabha MP elected from the district area.

State-level committee meetings should be held every 6 months and district-level committee meetings should be held every 3 months.

From the year 2015-16 till now, 445 meetings of the DISHA Committee have been held in the districts. 43 schemes of various departments are reviewed by the committee.

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