Dowry call to ‘bride-to-be’ during marriage ceremony lands groom in jail

Making a phone call to his would-be-bride proved too costly for this groom in Karera in Shivpuri district and in no time he landed in jail.
Hemlata, a resident of Jhansi was supposed to get married to Sohan, a resident of Karera in Shivpuri.
Soon after they exchanged the garlands, the groom made a phone call to Hemlata saying that the marriage was not possible until the girl’s family gives him Rs 10 lakh.
Sohan somehow reached the ‘mandap’ after his family persuaded him but remained adamant on Rs 10 lakh demand. Seeing her family being insulted by the groom, Hemlata called up the local police and handed the groom over to them.
In between, Sohan landed in trouble further as his claims of being a recruit in CRPF were exposed during the feud.
Girl’s family accused the groom of making false claims about his job and demanding dowry. His family stood firm behind her and they straight away headed to police station and lodged complaint against the groom.
On Hemlata’s complaint, the police arrested Sohan and one of his relatives and registered case against his family under section 498A.