Exhibition of Art-Culture and Tourism of Madhya Pradesh in New Delhi

Bhagoriya dance of Bhil tribe of Madhya Pradesh was presented by Ajay Sisodia’s group in the program of Bharat Parv held at Red Fort premises in New Delhi today. 

Stalls of tourism, handloom and cuisine of Madhya Pradesh have also been set up in Bharat Parv. Madhya Pradesh Tourism’s stall focuses on natural, spiritual and rural tourism. 

Chanderi and Maheshwari textiles of the state are being displayed and sold in the stall of Mrignayani Emporium. Indori Poha, Malwa’s Dal-Bafla, Gwalior’s Kachori-Vegetable and Bhopali Paan have become the center of special attraction in the food court.  

Bhagoria dance will also be performed  on January 28 and Matki folk dance on January 29-30 in Bharat Parv.

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