FIR lodged into power supply disruption due to Chinese manjha in Bhopal

MP Transco Bhopal assistant engineer Ashish Jain has lodged the report in the Ashok Garden Police Station Bhopal about the Chinese manjha alongwith kites got stuck in the transmission lines resulting power disruption.

The high voltage power transmission was disrupted after the Chinese manjha with the kites got entangled in various lines of 132 KV lines of 220 KV substation Govindpura of MP Power Transmission Company at Bhopal on March 9 and 10.

On the night of March 9, the personnel of MP Transco removed the entangled manjha with kites stuck in these lines and resumed the power transmission in the night.

Again the power transmission was affected due th children flying kites with Chinese manjha got stuck in the transmission lines.
Interruption in these lines
On March 9, 132 KV Bhopal Berasia line got tripped at around 5 pm due to Manjha getting stuck in the transmission line and due to this 200 MVA power transformers at 220 KV substation Govindpura, 132 KV Bhopal Amravat Khurd, 132 KV Bhopal Bagroda got tripped. 220 KV Bhopal Adampur line also got tripped.
Due to which there was disruption of power supply from the Sukhi Feeder to the BHEL and Railway Traction apart from it 132 KV substation Ayodhya Nagar and CPRI was also affected.
The Railway traction feeder was started by power supply from Vidisha. Due to this tripping, 132 KV substation railway feeder was disrupted for 15 minutes.

The MP Transco restored power supply in the feeder by taking supply from 220 KV substation Vidisha. There was a disruption for about 1 hour 25 minutes in 132 KV BHL feeder.

Kite flying is prohibited in the area
The senior officials of MP Transco in Bhopal in coordination with the police and the district administration to removed kite fliers from the place near to the transmission lines in the morning. The kite flying is prohibited in the area alongside the transmission lines.
Although today’s incident caused a power outage, but due to the 100 percent sensitivity of MP Transco’s protection system, the loss of life or property was averted.

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